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    Leukemia (The Biology of Cancer)

    by Donna M. Bozzone

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    Leukemia, or cancer of the blood or bone marrow, occurs in both acute and chronic forms. While the exact causes of the disease are not known, several risk factors have been identified. There are four



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    Scientist Janet Rowley determines that the defect in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia ("the Philadelphia chromosome") is actually a translocation in which the head of chromosome 22 is fused to the tail of chromosome 9 to create a novel geneMutations that affect these regulatory pathways have the potential to contribute to carcinogenesis by failing to eliminate abnormal neoplastic cells or by failing to eliminate cells with other mutations that are premalignantHyperplasia is a normal response to a specific stimulus, and the cells of a hyperplastic growth remain subject to normal regulatory control mechanismsWhen dysplasia is present, there is abnormal proliferation, and the cells have a distinctly abnormal and variable appearance; cells vary in shape and size, and there is evidence that cell to cell interaction has broken down resulting in a disorganized appearance of the tissueAs time passes, one of the cells experiences yet another mutation, causing very abnormal structure, loss of differentiation, and loss of contact between the cells; however, it is still confined to the epithelial layer from which it arose, so it is called a cancer in situ


    In the U.S., lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer mortality in men and womenIn addition, most cells in an adult will be differentiated to serve a particular purposeThe cell containing the mutant gene is driven to grow more swiftly than its neighbors and creates a clump within the original clump of cellsCell differentiationTransition to Cancer in a Single Cell


    1Genes known as proto-oncogenes can be switched on to produce proteins that protein the transition to the S-phaseThe inherited form occurs early and is typically diagnosed within the first 2-6 months after birth, while the sporadic form typically occurred 2-4 years after birthTherefore, dysplasia should be carefully monitored or treated.Myths About Cancer.Racial Differences in Cancer Incidence and MortalityAngiogenesis is the formation of new blood vesselsThe National Cancer Institute states the following: 9233bc153f



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